The Nine Love Types At A Glance

Here’s an overview of the love types to give you a quick snapshot of all nine types. Once you’ve taken a look here, you’re invited to read more about each of the types by clicking on The Nine Love Types drop-down menu or discovering your own love type by taking the free What’s Your Type? questionnaire.

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strives to live their life the right way.  They see what’s wrong and how to make it better. Ones are responsible, hard-working, ethical, fair and philanthropic. As they grow they come to have acceptance and compassion for themselves and others and make difference in the world from a place of love.

Type 2 – THE LOVER over gives and accommodates in relationships. They like to help others and are especially drawn to the wounded bird. Twos are out of touch with their feelings and their need for attention, affection and approval. As they develop they learn to listen to their own heart, pay attention to their own needs and open their heart in gratitude for all they receive.

Type 3 – THE MANIFESTOR promotes an image of success. They get to the top and look good getting there. Threes are fast-paced, competitive, efficient, optimistic, and never give up. As they evolve they use the creative principles of desiring, imagining, focusing and aligning with a higher purpose to manifest their dreams and goals.

Type 4 – THE SEEKER wants deep, intense, meaningful relationships and has a fear of being abandoned. They thrive on being creative, often feel misunderstood and live in the emotional highs and lows of life. As Fours evolve they understand that they are loved, are not flawed and remember they are always connected to the creative source of life.

Type 5 – THE SAGE likes the world of ideas and information. They tend to step back, observe and analyze. Fives are smart, thoughtful, private, soft-spoken and steady. As they grow they become more engaged in life, have more energy and confidence and come to have faith in an intuitive sense of knowing.

Type 6 – THE TRUTHSAYER sees the world as an unpredictable and dangerous place. They imagine the worst-case scenario and prepare for it.  Sixes are loyal, sincere, rebellious, funny and warm. As they develop they find courage by becoming their own authority and speaking the truth.

Type 7 – THE VISIONARY is drawn to fun, pleasure and excitement and has little tolerance for pain, boredom or limitation. They like having their options open. Sevens are adventurous, charming, idealistic and innovative. As they evolve they learn to use their creative imagination and entrepreneurial spirit to make difference in the world.

Type 8 – THE WARRIOR wants to be powerful, strong and in control. They are high-energy, direct, assertive, intimidating and magnanimous. Eights are tough on the outside, soft on the inside and live life to the fullest. As they grow they understand the power of love and use their love to help, protect and empower others.

Type 9 – THE UNIFIER is easy going and dislikes conflict. They easily see all sides of a situation and have trouble making decisions. Nines are empathetic, kind, accepting, supportive and comfortable to be with. As they develop they pursue what’s most important to them. Nines come to understand that they matter to others and that they are an important and essential part of life.

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