Type Six—The Truthsayer

Type SixThe Truthsayer sees the world as an unpredictable and dangerous place. They imagine the worst-case scenario and prepare for it––this makes them feel safer and more secure. Six’s are loyal but also rebellious at the same time, sincere, funny, and warm. They have the ability to see beyond the image, past the hidden intentions and get right down to the truth of things. Sixes aren’t comfortable with anything or anyone that isn’t real and honest so they’ve honed their ability to see what’s false and will point out the truth. Because of their fear Sixes have the impression they have very little courage––like the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. And like the Cowardly Lion, as Sixes evolve and face life’s challenges directly they see they are, in fact, very courageous. It is the Sixes spiritual task to become their own authority, have faith in themselves and have faith in life itself. When they speak the truth from this place of faith they have an amazing blend of wisdom, clarity and intuition––it is their gift. As they go to a deeper level, Sixes remember the spiritual truth that we are guided and protected throughout our lives and that life is a safe experience.

Type Six Examples
Conan O’Brien, Ellen DeGeneres, Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Jay Leno,  Jane Fonda

Sixes in Love

What matters most in a relationship
Sixes want to be in a trusting, safe, and dependable relationship. It’s important for a Six to talk through everything with their partner in a rational way. Loyalty is also essential.

What Sixes want to avoid
Sixes have a fair amount of fear, so they want to avoid being lied to, being betrayed, being taken for a ride financially, or being left through divorce or death.

What’s challenging for others
Sixes have contradictory aspects that can be tough for their mates to understand.  They are rebellious but loyal, want to move forward but then put the brakes on, are warm but also prickly and contentious. For those who have less fear, the Sixes doubt and mistrust can be difficult.

Loving your Six
You can see the theme of mistrust and doubt with the Six, so talk about their concerns in a practical and rational way. Don’t try to talk them out of their fear––this just makes them think you don’t understand the problem which creates more mistrust.  Allow trust to develop gradually in the relationship and enjoy their sense of humor.

What’s great about Sixes
Sixes are warm, trustworthy, and dependable. They have a great sense of humor, and are very real and unpretentious. They are loyal and committed and will stay in the relationship through the tough times.

Famous Couples
Ellen DeGeneres & Portia DeRossi (type 6 and type 4) and Jane Fonda & Ted Turner (type 6 and type 6)

Best matches for Type Six
The Truthsayer & The Seeker (6 and 4)
The Truthsayer & The Lover (6 and 2)
The Truthsayer & The Unifier (6 and 9)

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