Type One – The Humanitarian

Type One––The Humanitarian strives to live their life the right way. They see what’s wrong and have a natural gift for knowing how to make things better. Humanitarians are the ones who make a positive difference in the world, needing very little recognition for their contribution. They respect others who give back and believe everyone should do their part to help humanity. Ones are hard-working, honest, responsible, ethical, fair and philanthropic. As they grow spiritually Ones understand that everyone, including themselves is experiencing life just as their soul intended. When this happens, the inner critic becomes much quieter, allowing them to have self-acceptance, love and compassion for themselves and others. The spiritual truth Ones know is that everyone is in a state of perfect imperfection. Another aspect of a One’s evolution is to let themselves enjoy life, have fun, and be joyful. A friend of mine, who’s been working on her inner critic, recently said she felt like she was in pig heaven––she was doing all the things she absolutely loves to do in life: painting, gardening, psychotherapy and cooking.

Type One Examples
Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Ralph Nader, Emily Post, Barbra Streisand

Ones in Love

What matters most in a relationship
Ones want to be loved and accepted just the way they are without being judged or criticized. They’re  very critical of themselves, so being accepted by their mate really helps.

What Ones want to avoid
They want to avoid being criticized for making a mistake. Ones are afraid they’ll make the wrong decision, whether that’s selecting a partner or deciding to have a family. It seems to them that all decisions are final and irreversible.

What’s challenging for others
Partners of Ones often feel like they’re not good enough––Ones generally aren’t aware of how critical they are of others. It also can be tough for their mate to do the right and responsible thing most of the time with very little time for relaxing and enjoying life.

Loving your One
They like genuine appreciation for how well they take care of things. Ones also like to take care of items on the to-do list, work on humanitarian efforts, and spend time in nature with their mate.

What’s great about Ones
They’re helpful and supportive in practical ways; you can count on them to be honest, thoughtful, and responsible; they want the relationship to be a good one and will work hard to make it better.

Famous Couples
Barbra Streisand & James Brolin (type 1 and type 9) and Courteney Cox & David Arquette (type 1 and type 7)

Best Matches for Type One
The Humanitarian & The Unifier (1 and 9)
The Humanitarian &  The Visionary (1 and 7)
The Humanitarian & The Manifestor (1 and 3)

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