Type Eight—The Warrior

Type EightThe Warrior wants to be powerful, strong and in control. They are high-energy and plugged into the life force 100%. Tough on the outside, soft on the inside, they live life to the fullest. Eights experience life in a very physical way. They have a gut-based sense about whether or not they can trust someone, and if that person is being honest. They also have an instinctual sense about who has the power in a situation. The deeper truth Eights understand about life is that everything is energy. To know that everything is energy that can be transmuted and directed by ones will is the true source of power. Eights can be very protective, especially of family and close friends and they will fight for those who are weaker and in need of their strength. They are also magnanimous––beneath the Eight’s intimidating exterior is a big, tender, giving heart. It is their spiritual task to trust enough to go beyond the toughness to the love and innocence. When an Eight combines their love and caring with their power and uses it for the greater good, amazing things happen––this is their gift to us.

Type Eight Examples
Simon Cowell, Michael Douglas, Barbara Walters, Sean Penn, Dr. Phil McGraw, Geraldo Rivera

Eights in Love

What’s most important in a relationship
Eights want to be with someone they respect and someone who respects them in return. They also want their mate to be honest with them, show their true colors, and even occasionally go toe-to-toe with them. Eights also like to be able to have fun and live life with gusto.

What Eights want to avoid
The reason Eights want to be the one in control is that they’re afraid someone is going to control them and be abusive with that control––it just feels natural for them to be the boss. They also don’t ever want to be weak, vulnerable, or dependent in a relationship.

What’s challenging for others
Eights have a confrontational style and don’t realize the intimidating force and energy of their anger. They expect the other person to be able to recover from a conflict as quickly as they do. Eights also want to be the one in control––sharing power in the relationship is difficult. They also aren’t good at apologizing––it feels like they’re being weak.

Loving your Eight
Eights want to be met energetically––tell them the truth even if it’s bad news, stand up for what you believe and be willing to put your cards on the table. Eights develop intimacy through sex and having arguments because this way of interacting and connecting feels real and honest to them.

What’s great about Eights
Eights are very protective of their mate and children. They will do whatever it takes to make life safe for them and can be very big hearted and generous. They are tough and strong on the outside and tender and loving on the inside. They have lots of energy and live life to the fullest.

Famous Couples
Michael Douglas & Katherine Zeta-Jones (type 8 and type 8) and Dr. Phil McGraw & Robin McGraw (type 8 and type 2)

Best matches for Type Eight
The Warrior & The Lover (8 and 2)
The Warrior & The Visionary (8 and 7)
The Warrior & The Truthsayer (8 and 6)

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