Type Four—The Seeker

Type FourThe Seeker wants deep, intense, meaningful relationships and has a fear of being abandoned. They thrive on being creative and unique, often feel misunderstood, and live in the emotional highs and lows of life. Fours are in a constant search for the meaning of life––asking the question, “What makes this painful human experience worth it?”  In that same vein they appreciate and gravitate toward that which is beautiful, authentic, and transcendental. The Seeker illuminates the spiritual depth and mystery of our human experience. This is their gift to us. Many celebrated artists, writers, musicians and spiritual teachers are Fours. On a deep level, they know the truth that we are both spiritual beings and human beings––that we are the bridge between heaven and earth. As Fours evolve they realize that they are loved, and what they believed was a flaw––making them feel different and separate––is what in actuality makes them wonderfully unique. Their spiritual task is to be happy, to be content with ordinary everyday life and to allow themselves to be loved.

Type Four Examples
Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Elizabeth Taylor, Paul  Simon, James Taylor

Fours in Love

What matters most in a relationship
Fours want to connect with their mate in a deep, authentic, and romantic way. They want to be met on an emotional and spiritual level, feel loved and understood, and never be left.

What Fours want to avoid
Being abandoned is very painful for Fours, the loss leaves a big hole in their heart of overwhelming sadness and longing. Even though they want to avoid being left, Fours believe it’s just a matter of time before their lover abandons them.

What’s challenging for others
Fours have a strong push-pull pattern in relationships. They pull their mate into the relationship with seduction and romance and then get disappointed, critical, and push them away. Something essential is often missing for the Four in a relationship and their partner can end up feeling rejected and inadequate.

Loving your Four
Love them completely and deeply and also give them time alone to be creative and connect with their spiritual source. Keep yourself centered and grounded and don’t go on the roller coaster of their emotional highs and lows. Be romantic and let them know you’re not leaving them.

What’s great about Fours
Fours are romantic, creative, and search for the deeper meaning of life. They’ll be right with you when you’re going through something painful and will support you in being true to yourself.

Famous Couples
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt (type 4 and type 9) and Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton (type 4 and type 8 )

Best matches for Type Four
The Seeker & The Warrior (4 and 8)
The Seeker & The Unifier (4 and 9)
The Seeker & The Truthsayer (4 and 6)

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