Type Seven—The Visionary

Type SevenThe Visionary is drawn to fun, pleasure and excitement, and has little tolerance for pain or boredom. They like having their options open so they can travel, learn new things, and taste the best life has to offer. Sevens have a very active imagination. They enjoy coming up with new creative ideas and love getting others excited about these ideas. They have an infectious joie de vivre, and are adventurous, charming, idealistic and innovative. Sevens have a gift for staying on the upside of life, always able to see the silver lining in every situation. They are enthusiastically happy about life and help us remember to enjoy life to the fullest. Their path of growth involves learning to quiet their mind, coming into this moment completely, and being present with it just as it is.  It helps Sevens to come inside and ask the question, “What is the purpose of my life?” The quieter and more introspective they become the better able they are to use their creative imagination and entrepreneurial spirit to make a difference in the world. It is their nature to live life in an expansive way––on a deeper level they know the truth that we are limitless beings.

Type Seven Examples
Michael J. Fox, Steven Spielberg, Goldie Hawn, Richard Branson, Betty  White, Cameron Diaz

Sevens in Love

What matters most in a relationship
Sevens want to be adored by their mate. They want to be with someone who will enjoy all the fun, interesting, and exciting things in life with them while giving them the freedom they need to explore and have adventures.

What Sevens want to avoid
Sevens don’t like to be restricted or limited in a relationship––they need to have their options open to be able to do all the exciting things they dream about. Sevens also don’t want to be a disappointment to their mate nor do they want life itself to be a disappointment––this is why they’re so intent on tasting all the best life has to offer without missing out on anything.

What’s challenging for others
Sevens have little tolerance for discussing problems in the relationship. If their mate is feeling down or depressed the Seven wants them to get over it quickly. They also can be critical and angry when they feel limited or restricted and either leave the situation or get out of the relationship all together.

Loving your Seven
Share the fun and interesting things in life with them, get excited about their plans and dreams for the future, be positive and happy, and give them the freedom to pursue their many interests. Sevens love to be adored, so appreciate them for all of the joy, enthusiasm, and fun they bring into your life.

What’s great about Sevens
Sevens have an infectious joy and love to live life to the fullest. They are spontaneous, lighthearted, fun to be with, have a good imagination, and see the bright side in difficult situations. They can be romantic and want their mate to have as much fun in life as they have.

Famous Couples
Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore (type 7 and type 3) and Steven  Spielberg & Kate Capshaw (type 7 and type 9)

Best matches for Type Seven
The Visionary & The Unifier (7 and 9)
The Visionary & The Manifestor (7 and 3)
The Visionary & The Lover (7 and 2)

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