Type Three—The Manifestor

Type ThreeThe Manifestor promotes an image of success––they get to the top and look good getting there. Threes are fast-paced, competitive, efficient, optimistic and never give up.  They have a natural ability to know how to manifest their dreams. They are gifted when it comes to using the creative principles of desiring, imagining, focusing, and aligning with a greater purpose. On a deeper level, Threes know the spiritual truth that we are the creators of our life––in every moment we are in the process of creating. The Three’s spiritual journey involves slowing down enough to feel their true feelings, being honest about them and trusting they will be loved whether they succeed or fail. I will never forget listening to the story of a Three when I was first learning the nine types. He was a very successful, well paid professional football player who supported most of his extended family and some friends as well. He believed they loved him because of his success and fortune. When he was fired and sent to drug rehab his family came to visit him at the treatment center to show their love and support. With tears streaming down his face his told us this was the first time he understood what real love was––this failure became a tremendous turning point in his life and the opening of his heart. Once Threes have gone beyond the image of success they can allow their heart to guide them to pursue what has genuine meaning for them.

Type Three Examples
Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, Diane Sawyer, Ryan  Seacrest

Threes in Love

What matters most in a relationship
Threes want their relationship to be positive and successful. They want it to work well and be easy with little time spent on things that are negative or challenging.

What Threes want to avoid
Threes want to avoid failing––not just in relationships, but failure in general is unacceptable. They also want to avoid having their image tarnished––it’s hard for them to fall short of a goal or even finish in second place.

What’s challenging for others
Threes are very busy working and being successful, as a result relationships often take a back seat and their mates can feel left out and unloved. They also want to be the one in control to make sure things get done––this can make having shared power in the relationship difficult.

Loving your Three
Threes love to get things done––accomplish the tasks and be creative together. They also like to be appreciated for their hard work and how well they provide for their mate and the family. Give them time to pursue their goals but be sure to ask for relationship time.

What’s great about Threes
Threes have confidence and an optimistic attitude about life which they share with their mate. They will do everything they can to help their mate be successful. They’ll champion them to their goals and be proud of them when they get there.

Famous Couples
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes (type 3 and type 2) and Arnold  Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver (type 3 and type 3)

Best matches for Type Three
The Manifestor & The Unifier (3 and 9)
The Manifestor & The Visionary (3 and 7)
The Manifestor & The Manifestor (3 and 3)

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