Type Nine—The Unifier

Type NineThe Unifier is easy going and dislikes conflict. They have a gift for seeing all sides of a situation and have trouble making decisions. It’s much easier for them to know what others want than for the Nine to know what they want themselves. The things that matter most to them seem vague and unknowable. Nines are genuinely empathetic, kind, supportive, and comfortable to be with. Like Pooh Bear in Winnie the Pooh, Nines enjoy hanging out with friends, going with the flow, and having a little something sweet, like honey, along the way. The Nines gift to us is their way of bringing people together in a unifying, harmonious way. The song We Are The World exemplifies the deeper truth Nines know, that we are one and that everyone and everything is interconnected. Their spiritual task is to know and pursue what’s most important to them. It’s transformational for Nines to understand that they matter to others, and that they are an important and essential part of life.

Type Nine Examples
The Dalai Lama, Ronald Regan, Nelson Mandela, Hugh Jackman, Gloria Steinem, Willie Nelson

Nines in Love

What matters most in a relationship
Nines want to be in a relaxed, harmonious, and peaceful relationship with little to no conflict. They want to have a feeling of belonging, and of being included in their mate’s life. Nines enjoy just hanging out with their partner and feeling the connection.

What Nines want to avoid
Nines are very uncomfortable with conflict and avoid it as much as possible. They also don’t like change or separations because they get quite attached to homes, friends and family, and routines.
Nines also have a fear of being left out and abandoned.

What’s challenging for others
Nines can have a difficult time making decisions. Sometimes they say yes in the moment when they really mean no or maybe. They move through life at a slower pace than most of us and this can be annoying if you’re a fast-paced type. Because Nines don’t like conflict, they tend to express their anger in a passive-aggressive way.

Loving your Nine
Hang out with your Nine doing everyday things and just go with the flow. Nines think what they want doesn’t matter that much, so ask them what they would like to do, in an easy, no pressure kind of way. Let them know they are important to you and tell them what you appreciate about them.

What’s great about Nines
Nines are truly empathetic, kind, supportive, and accepting. They listen well, are comfortable to be with, and are genuinely accepting.

Famous Couples
Ronald & Nancy Regan (type 9 and type 2)  and Bill and Hillary Clinton (type 9 and type 1)

Best matches for Type Nine
The Unifier & The Humanitarian (9 and 1)
The Unifier & The Lover (9 and 2)
The Unifier & The Visionary( 9 and 7)

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