Type Five—The Sage

Type FiveThe Sage likes the world of ideas and information. They tend to step back, observe and analyze people and situations––this gives them a sense of security. Fives are smart, thoughtful, private, soft-spoken and reserved. They have a gift for being able to see the many components of something, know how they all interrelate and predict what the outcome will be. Most Fives innately understand computers and many of them work at the genius bar in the Mac stores! They are accomplished strategists as well and have the ability to distill information, focusing in with laser like accuracy, coming up with a concise, clear statement of things. Although they read and research many things Fives have access to a higher sense of knowing, the higher mind knows things in a more intuitive way––like Einstein, who was a Five, with his theory of relativity. The movie What the Bleep that explored the metaphysical and mystical aspects of life was also a gift to us from the Five world. As Fives evolve they become more engaged in life rather than standing back on the sidelines. They have more energy and self-confidence as they experience life from their physical body and not just their brilliant mind. It is their spiritual task to know and trust that they have enough time, enough energy, enough information, and that they themselves are enough. On a deeper level, Fives know the truth that life is everlasting and that we are eternal beings.

Type Five Examples
Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, John Lennon, Stephen  Hawking, Georgia O’Keeffe

Fives in Love

What matters most in a relationship
Fives want to have a meeting of the minds and be able to talk about their ideas in a thoughtful way with their mate. They also like to have plenty of alone time to read, think, and surf the internet––this recharges the battery.

What Fives want to avoid
Fives are afraid they’re not going to know enough and not going to be enough for their mate. They like to have control over how they spend their time and energy when they’re in a relationship and appreciate it when their partner understands their need for private time.

What’s challenging for others
The Fives need for private time and space can feel like rejection or a lack of caring to their mate. They’re also sensitive to being controlled and will often withdraw if they begin to feel controlled.

Loving your Five
Respect them for their bright minds, clarity and ideas. Spend time with them in a quiet way. Most Fives like to share things on a non-verbal level––like watching a beautiful sunset, listening to an inspiring piece of music, or skiing down a steep run together.

What’s great about Fives
Fives are wise, honest, much more sensitive than they appear, and have a subtle sweetness. They also have the ability to accurately see the big picture and express it with laser like clarity.

Famous Couples
Bill and Melinda Gates (type 5 and type1) and John Lennon & Yoko  Ono (type 5 and type 8)

Best matches for Type Five
The Sage & The Warrior (5 and 8)
The Sage & The Visionary (5 and 7)
The Sage & The Truthsayer(5 and 6)

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