Type Two—The Lover

Type Two––The Lover is relationship oriented, and tends to over-give and over- accommodate in the beginning. They like to help others and are especially drawn to the wounded bird. Twos tune into others needs and feelings with their heart and want them to feel loved and supported. They have a natural ability to see and bring out the best in others. Twos are also warm, compassionate and heartfelt. Their spiritual task is to know they are loved whether they are being helpful and pleasing to others or not. Even though Twos can feel the pain of another doesn’t mean they have a responsibility nor the ability to take away that pain and make others feel better––it’s enough to feel the feelings and be with the other. Then the Two can know they are loved and connected without doing anything in particular other than being present in their heart. At this point, they remember the deeper truth that everything is love. It is transformational for Twos to stay true to their inner guidance, discovering the freedom, power, and confidence that come from pursuing their own dreams.

Type Two Examples
Mr. Rogers, Marlo Thomas, Dr. Mehmet Oz, John Travolta, Taylor Swift,  Elvis Presley

Twos in Love

What matters most in a relationship
Twos want to feel that heart to heart love connection with their mate. They want to know that their mate likes and appreciates their open and loving nature.

What Twos want to avoid
It’s very painful for Twos to be rejected or feel that someone doesn’t love them. They’re also afraid that if they’re too needy, sad or depressed no one will love them.

What’s challenging for others
Twos have a tendency to over accommodate in the beginning of a relationship. After awhile, the well runs dry, they realize they’ve over-given and left themselves behind in the process––at this point Twos can get surprisingly angry and blaming.

Loving your Two
Twos love the three A’s––affection, approval, and attention. They also like to be listened to the same way they listen to others––with compassion and acceptance.

What’s great about Twos
Twos see the very best in their mate. They are loving, romantic, warm, supportive, and good listeners.

Famous Couples
John Travolta & Kelly Preston (type 2 and type 2) and Marlo Thomas &  Phil Donahue (type 2 and type 6)

Best matches for Type Two
The Lover & The Unifier (2 and 9)
The Lover & The Sage (2 and 5)
The Lover & The Manifestor (2 and 3)

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